A downloadable game for Windows

A game created as a student project for TAMK Games Academy spring season 2023. 

Please play using a gamepad for the best experience!

B.O.B & Cat is a 3D platformer in which you explore a mysterious abandoned facility. Joined by a handy robot, your task is to find a way out while avoiding enemies and obstacles that stand in your way. Can you discover all the secrets and make it out in one piece?

The game features two types of enemies, two types of collectibles, and various platforming obstacles. Consider this a sort of demo of a hypothetical larger game.

Niko Holopainen
Joonas Järvinen
Pasi Sundelin
Valtteri Kamppinen
Vuokko Lehtola
Aino Virtala
Joey Audi

Note: You may encounter bugs when attempting to continue a saved session from the main menu and have to start a new game.


BobCat.zip 312 MB

Install instructions

The download file is a zip file, simply extract the contents and run the executable. No external downloads are required.

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